I had a chat to Mick from The Crafty Pint about the intricacies of drawing tinnies. It was great to talk to another beer lover about how the whole crushed beer can thing came about, how I got into drawing and where I want to go with it.

I had a portraiture exhibition at 212 Blu in Newtown, and Young Henrys chucked in a bunch of tinnies to support the show. All my friends came, people came to check out the show, and everyone was drinking Young Henrys tinnies.

At the end, I had all these photos of crushed tinnies, and I thought, ‘How can I thank Young Henrys, and show my appreciation for supporting the art community?’ So I drew one up – and it looked so cool. That’s where it started.

Crushed beer can drawings

“There’s something in the crush. It’s far more interesting to the eye. More evocative. All the artwork folds around the crush, all the reflections and shadows, and people can stare at it for hours. You feel like you can grab it and crush it. Everyone feels that. Everyone knows what that’s like.”

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