A chat with Stone & Wood


It has been a huge week since I posted my Stone & Wood tinnie drawing – definitely the most popular piece I’ve done in a while. So many people reached out to let me know they were vibing the colours – thanks for all the comments and ? emojis!

As it turns out the legends who made the original brew, Stone & Wood Brewing, also found it pretty cool. They reached out to find a bit more about me, my art, and exactly how I pulled together the tinnie sketch. In their words:

Last week, whilst doing our daily flick through the gram for inspiring beery news and content, a notification popped up – It was a tag from Sydney based artist Dean Spinks. The post what we thought at the time was a close-up photograph of our Original Pacific Ale can, but after flicking through Dean’s Instagram account of hand-sketched portraits and photorealism art, we quickly realised it was a drawing. Dean had sketched every little detail of the floral design, the shadowing and coloured in the entire can with the signature Pacific Ale orange using a blend of light yellows and dark oranges. A piece of art that took concentration, time and precision.

Read the full interview on the Stone & Wood website: www.stoneandwood.com.au/the-artist-behind-the-pacific-ale-tinnie-drawing/

Huge thanks to Stone & Wood for the leg up with this one. It’s great to get some support and exposure from genuine brands like this (not to mention the slab of frothies! ???)

If you missed it, I’m doing a limited run of A2 & A3 tinnie prints available on my online store: