The Lester Prize announced on Friday that my L-Fresh the Lion portrait was chosen as a semi-finalist in the prestigious portraiture prize. Obviously I would have loved to be a finalist in The Lester Prize but I’m still very proud to be selected to take part in the the Salon des Refusés show outside the Art Gallery of WA and in a few other Perth locations. My artwork will be shown on big screens and outdoor exhibition boxes to thousands of people daily.

The idea of the Salon des Refusés originated in Paris in the nineteenth century when works by Avant Garde artists were not accepted into exhibitions organised by the establishment. This led to artists mounting their own exhibitions, where they achieved great success.

The Lester Prize initiated the Salon in 2013 and our Art On The Big Screen collection in 2017, in response to the high number of entries submitted to the Prize that were not selected as finalists for the Main Awards. This alternative collection is popular with audiences and works are selected for their quality, diversity, and often exciting or witty approach to portraiture.

See more photos and details about my L-Fresh portrait here.