Michael Jordan Basketball Card | Print


For all the 90s kids, this piece is a throwback to the golden age when King Michael Jordan reigned supreme and every kid had a Bulls #23 singlet. And if you got your hands on that elusive Jordan basketball card, oh boy, you were king of the school yard.

The original piece took artist Dean Spinks 60 hours to draw in his unique photorealistic style using Copic Markers. The Giclee print reproduction is produced using Epson UltraChrome archival inks on premium Ultra Matt 250gsm paper to ensure artwork longevity and authentic artwork reproduction.

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This nostalgic artwork serves as a tribute to the golden era of the 90s NBA, particularly the iconic Chicago Bulls team, led by the legendary King of Basketball, Michael Jordan. It transports us back to a time when every kid proudly donned their Bulls #23 singlet, idolizing their favorite NBA superstar and embracing the electrifying atmosphere surrounding the Bulls’ dominance. For those fortunate enough to possess the coveted Jordan basketball card, it was akin to holding a ticket to the throne of the schoolyard kingdom, a symbol of ultimate coolness and envy.

Created by the Australian artist Dean Spinks, this piece showcases his unwavering dedication and remarkable attention to detail. The original artwork consumed an impressive 60 hours of meticulous work, with Dean employing his unique photorealistic style using Copic Markers. Each stroke, each shading, and each line meticulously applied, capturing not only the likeness of Michael Jordan but also the spirit and energy that defined the Chicago Bulls dynasty during the 90s, preserving the nostalgia and significance of those cherished memories.

The Giclee print reproduction process ensures that every detail, every nuance of Dean’s original artwork is faithfully preserved. Utilising Epson UltraChrome archival inks, known for their exceptional colour accuracy and longevity, the vibrancy and depth of the artwork are captured with utmost precision. The print is meticulously produced on premium Ultra Matt 250gsm paper, carefully selected to enhance the authenticity and longevity of the artwork, ensuring that this piece will stand the test of time, just like the unforgettable moments etched in Chicago Bulls and NBA history.

Whether you’re a die-hard 90s NBA fan longing for a tangible connection to that cherished era or an art enthusiast captivated by Dean Spinks’ talent, this Giclee print offers an opportunity to own a piece of cultural history. It immortalizes not only the indomitable spirit of Michael Jordan but also the extraordinary achievements of the Chicago Bulls during their legendary reign. As you gaze upon this artwork, memories of the Bulls’ relentless pursuit of greatness, the thrilling championships, and the unwavering support from fans resurface, allowing you to relive the magic of the Chicago Bulls dynasty and the 90s NBA, one pen stroke at a time.