Ted the Butcher

If you grew up in Como or Oyster Bay you will already know this legendary human. For those who don’t, meet Ted Cary – butcher / raconteur / community stalwart. A legitimate icon of the Sutherland Shire, Ted has been running his little Como butcher shop for more than 60 years – and still works there today. Drop in for some snags and it’s more than likely you’ll be treated to a story about the good old days – when the footy field was nothing but a bay, and the train station was located behind the Como pub. At 83 years old, Ted still works six days a week even hand-cuts all his steak to order. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face when Ted agreed to the portrait; his story, his attitude and his energy are inspiring and it’s a privilege to be able to put this out there for everyone to see.