Classic album covers

Top ten albums to get sketchy to



I spend an inordinate amount of time hunched over my desk, crosshatching my life away. Almost all of it is spent getting in the zone with my Bose (wireless) headphones on.

It’s safe to say then, that music plays an immeasurable part in my process. Usually I have a very broad taste in music, from hip hop to 70’s to pop, I like it all and mostly I ignore genres. BUT, when I’m drawing, there’s certain albums and playlist that really get me focused. Spoiler: it’s mostly blues. There’s only a select few albums I constantly have on rotation when I draw.

10. Alt-J

Their new stuff, not so much. But, This Is All Yours and An Awesome Wave – gosh darn epic!

9. Alice In Chains Unplugged

Not a huge Alice In Chains fan by any means, but this album is something else.

8. Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York

Has there ever been a better unplugged album? The answer is YES (and it’s sitting at #1). BUT, for a heavy rock-grunge band to record something like this, not long before Kurt’s untimely demise, it’s very special.

7. Placebo

Deep, dark and moody. Too many of their old albums to mention, so here’s a playlist:

6. The National

More specifically, three albums; Trouble Will Find Me, High Violet and The Boxer.

5. Paul Kelly’s Greatest Hits

Some good yarns from Australia’s greatest storyteller

4. Midnight Oil – Essential Oils

Has protest music ever been better disguised? Love the passion, love the message, and also darn good music!

3. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Best Of

Southern blues rock at its gosh darn finest.

2. Pearl Jam Ten

The 90’s summed up so perfectly in one album. Interestingly, Pearl Jam named the name ‘Ten’ after basketball player Mookie Blaylock, whose jersey number was 10. Before they were called Pearl Jam, one of the band’s names were ‘Mookie Blaylock.’

1. Eric Clapton Unplugged